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List of Toastmasters Club

Toastmasters International is a world leader in communication and leadership development. Our membership is 313,000 strong. Members improve their speaking and leadership skills by attending one of the 14,650 clubs in 126 countries that make up our global network of meeting locations.

<About Club status>
Unmarked:Normal club - Anyone can participate
Adv:Advanced club - Only existing members can participate
C/Open:Corporate open club - Anyone can participate
C/Closed:Corporate closed club - Only an employee can participate
P:Prospective club - newly founded and expected to grow and achieve criteria to get chartered

Hokkaido and Tohoku sections

Club Name Sts Station etc. Area Div. Language
Week Start
Hokkaido Sapporo Pioneers   Sapporo 45 D English Wed. 2nd/4th 19:00
Aomori Misawa   Misawa 11 A English Thu. Every 17:30
Miyagi Kesennuma   Kesennuma 11 A Bilingual Sat. 3rd 13:30
Miyagi Sendai   Sendai 11 A English Wed. Every 18:30
Miyagi Morinomiyako   Sendai 11 A Bilingual Sat. Every 18:00
Miyagi Sendai Lunch Speakers   Tohoku Univ. 11 A Bilingual Thu. 1st/3rd/4th 12:05
Miyagi Masamune P Sendai
11 A Japanese Mon. twice a month 18:40
Fukushima Kohriyama P Kohriyama 11 A Japanese Sun. 1st/3rd 14:00

Kanto section

Club Name StsCIS Station etc. Area Div. Language
Week Start
Ibaraki Tsukuba   TX Tsukuba 41 D English Sat. 1st/3rd 14:00
Ibaraki Tsukuba Wago   TX Tsukuba 41 D Japanese Sat. 1st/3rd 17:15
Ibaraki Tsukuba Starlight   TX Tsukuba 41 D English Wed. 1st/3rd 19:00
Ibaraki Mito P Mito 41 D English
(E)2nd/4th Sat. 9:00
(J)2nd Sat. 11:00
(C)4th Sat. 11:00
Tochigi Utsunomiya   Utsunomiya 12 A Bilingual Sun. last 13:30
Tochigi Ashikaga   Ashikaga 12 A English Sat. 3rd 15:00
Gunma Gunma   Takasaki 12 A English Sat. 2nd/4th 10:00
Saitama Tsurugashima   Tsurugasima 13 A English Tue. 1st/3rd 18:30
Saitama Saitama   Urawa 13 A English Wed. 1st/3rd 18:30
Saitama Sakitama   Fukiage 13 A English Sat. 2nd/4th 14:00
Saitama UD Trucks C/Closed Ageo 13 A English Wed. 2nd/4th 18:00
Saitama Konosu P Konosu 13 A English Sat. 2nd/4th 10:00
Saitama Urawa   Urawa 14 A Japanese Thu. 2nd/4th 19:30
Saitama Ageo   Ageo 14 A Bilingual Sun. 2nd/4th 13:30
Saitama Tokorozawa   Shin
14 A Japanese Sun. 1st/3rd 14:00
Saitama Musashi Urawa    Musashiurawa  14 A English Wed. 2nd/4th 19:30
Chiba ICF Chiba   Funabashi 42 D English Sat. Every 18:00
Chiba Narita   Narita
42 D English Tue. 3rd 19:00
Chiba Tsudanuma   Tsudanuma 42 D English Mon. 1st/3rd 19:15
Chiba Ichikawa   Ichikawa 42 D English Sat. 1st/3rd 10:00
Chiba Makuhari Bayside P Kemigawahama 42 D English Sun. 2nd 10:00
Chiba Chiba Central   Chiba 43 D English Sat. 2nd/4th 12:45
Chiba Green Hills   Yachiyo Midorigaoka 43 D English Tue. 2nd/4th 19:00
Chiba Matsudo   Minori Dai 43 D English Sat. 1st/3rd 14:30
Chiba IBM Makuhari C/Open Kaihin
43 D  English Tue.   2nd/4th 18:45 
Chiba Ichikawa Smile   Ichikawa 46 Japanese Sat. 2nd/4th 18:00
Tokyo Alpine Leaders Closed Sendagaya 14 A Japanese Sun. 1st/3rd  
Tokyo Hibiki    Ikebukuro 15 A Japanese Tue. 2nd/4th 19:30
Tokyo Tokyo Nihao P Ikebukuro 15 A Japanese
Sat. 4th 10:00
Tokyo Storytelling Adv Zoushigaya 15 A  Bilingual Sat./Thu. 1st/3rd 13:30
Tokyo Akabane Bilingual   Ohji
15 A Bilingual Sat. 1st/3rd 10:00
Tokyo Fussa Speakers   Yokota Air Base  16 A English Fri. 2nd/4th 11:45
Tokyo West Tokyo   Hamura 16 A English Sat. 1st/3rd 14:30
Tokyo Eight Princes   Hachiouji 16 A English Fri. 1st/3rd 19:00
Tokyo Tachikawa   Tachikawa 21 B Japanese Sun. 2nd/4th 13:30
Tokyo Fuchu   Fuchu  21 B Bilingual Sun. 1st/3rd 09:30
Tokyo Silk Road   Akishima 21 B English Sat. 1st/3rd 14:00
Tokyo Chofu Free Flight   Chofu 22 B Bilingual Sat. 2nd/4th 14:00
Tokyo Kichijoji   Kichijouji 22 B Bilingual Sat. 2nd/4th 14:00
Tokyo Shinjuku Bilingual   Shijyukugyoen 22 B Bilingual Thu. 1st/3rd 19:00
Tokyo Mitaka Business   Mitaka 22 B Japanese Fri. 1st/3rd 19:00
Tokyo BNI Musashino C/Closed
Mitaka 22 B Japanese Sat. 2nd/4th 8:00
Tokyo Aoyama Lunch   Akasaka
23 B English Tue. 2nd 12:00
Tokyo Shibuya   Shibuya 23 B English Wed. 1st/3rd 19:00
Tokyo Nakano P Nakano 23 B English Sat. 2nd/4th/5th 18:30
Tokyo Utage Adv Shibuya 23 B Bilingual Wed. 2nd 19:00 
Tokyo Edo   Shibuya 24 B Japanese Tue. 1st/3rd 19:00
Tokyo Tokyo Iris   Shimbashi 24 B English Sat. 1st 14:00
Tokyo Kagayaki Adv Musashi
24 B Japanese Sat. 4th 10:30
Tokyo Tokyo Ronpyou Adv Kanda 24 B Japanese Fri. 1st/3rd 19:15
Tokyo Tokyo ESS   Jiyugaoka 25 B English Sun. 2nd/4th 13:00
Tokyo Cosmos   Iidabashi 25 B English Sat. 1st/3rd 14:00
Tokyo S.E.T C/Closed Kamiyacho 25 B English Wed. 2nd/4th 18:30
Tokyo Leadership   Korakuen 26 B English Sat. 2nd/4th 10:00
Tokyo Sunrise   Kasuga 26 B English Sat. 1st/3rd 18:00
Tokyo JUSCPA     26 B English Thu. 3rd 19:00
Tokyo J&J Japan1 C/Closed Kudanshita 26 B English      
Tokyo Kagurazaka   Iidabashi 27 B Japanese Fri. 2nd/4th 19:00
Tokyo Iidabashi   Iidabashi 27 B Japanese Sat. 1st/3rd/5th 18:00
Tokyo Tokyo Metropolitan   Hanzomon
27 B Bilingual Sat. 2nd/4th/5th 09:30
Tokyo Tokyo Rainbow  P Shinjuku Gyoenmae 27 B Bilingual Sat. 1st/3rd 18:00
Tokyo Key Force   Omotesando 31 C English Tue. 1st/3rd 19:00
Tokyo Pioneer   Omotesando 31 C Bilingual Fri. 2nd/4th 19:00
Tokyo Servant Leaders P Ginza 31 C Bilingual Wed. 2nd/4th 19:00
Tokyo FORWARD C/Closed Shibuya 31 C English Sat. 2nd 18:00
Tokyo FORWARD 1st Sunday C/Closed Shibuya 31 C English Sat. 1st 18:00
Tokyo Meridian   Omotesando 32 C English Sat. 1st/3rd. 10:00
Tokyo Sakura   Omotesando 32 C English Wed. 2nd/4th 19:00
Tokyo Tozai   Shibuya
32 C English Mon. 2nd/4th 19:00
Tokyo Omotesando Bilingual   Omotesando 32 C Bilingual Sat. 1st/3rd/5th 14:00
Tokyo Oval C/Closed   33 C  English Wed.  1st/3rd  18:30 
Tokyo Otemachi C/Open Otemachi 33 C English Wed. 2nd/4th 19:00
Tokyo Cisco Japan   Roppongi(Midtown) 33 C English 1st Thu. 12:00-13;00
3rd Thu. 18:30-20:30
Tokyo Yamanote   Nakameguro 34 C Bilingual Fri. 1st/3rd 19:15
Tokyo Tokyo Bilingual   Jiyugaoka 34 C Bilingual Wed. 1st/3rd 19:00
Tokyo Meguro   Meguro 34 C Bilingual Sat. 2nd/4th 18:15
Tokyo Big Tree C/Closed   34 Bilingual Wed.  1st/3rd  19:00 
Tokyo Tokyo International   Ooimachi 35 C Bilingual Wed. 2nd/4th/5th 19:00
Tokyo Fantasista Adv Meguro 35 C Bilingual Sat. 3rd 13:45
Tokyo HTM C/Closed   35 C English Thu. 1st/4th 17:00
Tokyo Tokyo-Mita   Mita
36 C English Wed. 2nd/4th 19:00
Tokyo FCCJ   Hibiya 36 C English Mon. 2nd/4th 12:15
Tokyo Bonjour    Ichigaya 36 C French Thu. 2nd/4th 19:20
Tokyo GS Japan C/Closed   36 C English Thu. 2nd/4th 18:30
Tokyo Tokyo American Club   Kamiyacho
36 C English Thu.  1st/3rd  12:00 
Tokyo Sakurazaka   Tamagawa 41 D Japanese Sat. 1st/3rd 10:15
Tokyo Shimbashi   Shinbashi 44 D Japanese Tue. 2nd/4th 19:00
Tokyo Bloomberg Tokyo     44 D Bilingual Wed.
1st/3rd 12:30
Tokyo Tokyo   Higashi-ginza 45 D English Thu. 1st/3rd/5th 19:00
Tokyo Tokyo Phoenix Adv Tamachi 45 D English Fri. 2nd/4th 19:00
Tokyo Breakfast   Shinbashi 45 D English Thu. 2nd/4th 08:00
Tokyo Chiyoda   Kanda 46 D Bilingual Thu. 1st/3rd 19:00
Tokyo Nihonbashi Century   Suitengumae
46 D Bilingual Thu. 2nd/4th/5th 19:00
Tokyo Akihabara   Akihabara 46 D Japanese Wed. 1st/3rd/5th 19:30
Tokyo Presentation Adv Shinbashi 46 D Bilingual Thu. 1st/3rd 19:15
Tokyo New Bridge   Shinbashi 46 D Bilingual Thu. 2nd/4th 19:00
Tokyo Tokyo Table Topics   Mizonokuchi 51 E Bilingual Sat. 2nd/4th 18:30
Tokyo Machida Bilingual
  Machida 55 D Bilingual See HP   See HP
Kanagawa Hashimoto P Hashimoto 21 B Bilingual Thu. 2nd/4th 19:30
Kanagawa Musashi-Kosugi   Musashi
51 E Bilingual Sat. 2nd/4th 14:00
Kanagawa Mizonokuchi   Mizonokuchi 51 E Japanese Sat. 1st/3rd 14:00
Kanagawa The Champions Adv Musashi
52 E English Sat. 1st 14:00
Kanagawa Kawasaki   Kawasaki 52 E Japanese Tue. 1st/3rd/5th 19:00
Kanagawa Visionaries   Musashi
52 E English Sat. 1st/3rd 18:00
Kanagawa Kosugi no mori   Musashi
52 E Bilingual Sun. 2nd/4rh 10:00
Kanagawa Hiyoshi P Hiyoshi 52 E Bilingual Mon. 2nd/4th 19:00
Kanagawa Yokohama Frontier   Yokohama 53 E Bilingual Wed. 1st/3rd/5th 19:15
Kanagawa Kanagawa   Yokohama 53 E Japanese Sat. 2nd/4th/5th 17:30
Kanagawa Bashamichi Adv Sakuragicho 53 E English Sun. 3rd 14:00
Kanagawa  Yokohoma Nihao  Adv Sakuragicho  53 E Chinese Sun.  3rd  10:30
Kanagawa Yokohama   Kannai 54 E English Sat. 1st/3rd 14:00
Kanagawa Hama   Kannai 54 E Japanese Sat. 1st/3rd 18:00
Kanagawa Minato-Mirai   Sakuragicho 54 E English Sat. 2nd/4th 14:00
Kanagawa Yokohama Ocean   Kannai 54 E Bilingual Sun. 2nd/4th 10:00
Kanagawa Atsugi-Zama   Sagamiohno 55 E English Sun. 1st/3rd/5th 15:30
Kanagawa Den-en Toshi   Tana
55 E English Sat. 2nd/4th 14:00
Kanagawa Yamato Bilingual   Sakuragaoka
55 E Bilingual Sat. 2nd/4th 14:00
Kanagawa Mikasa   Shioiri 56 E English Tue. 2nd/4th 18:45
Kanagawa Kamakura   Ohfuna
56 E English Sat. 1st/3rd 14:00
Kanagawa Fujisawa Bilingual   Fujisawa 56 E Bilingual Sat./Thu. 2nd/4th 14:30
Kanagawa High Touch
C/Closed  Totsuka 56 E Bilingual Thu. 2nd/4th 19:00 
Kanagawa Shonan   Fujisawa 57 E English Sat. 2nd/4th 14:00
Kanagawa Southern Beach   Chigasaki 57 E Bilingual Sat. 1st/3rd 10:00
Kanagawa Odawara   Odawara 57 E Japanese Sat. 1st/3rd 15:30
Shizuoka Mishima   Mishima
56 E Bilingual Sun. 2nd/4th 10:00

Chubu section

Club Name Sts Station Area Div. Language
Week Start Time
Nagano Matsumoto   Matsumoto 16 A Bilingual 2nd Fri. 19:30
4th Sat. 14:00
Niigata Niigata   Niigata 12 A English Sat. 2nd/4th 15:00
Fukui Fukui   Fukudaimae-nishifukui 64 F English Tue. Every 19:30 
Aichi Kasugai   Kouzouji 61 F Japanese Sun. 4th 10:00
Aichi Nagoya   Inuyama 61 F Bilingual Sun. 2nd/4th 13:30
Aichi Aichi   Katsukawa 61 F Japanese Sun. 3rd 13:30
Aichi Toyota Friendship   Toyota-shi 61 F English Sat. 3rd 14:30
Aichi Tokai   Yabacho 62 F Bilingual (E)2nd/4th Sat. 18:00
(J)2nd Sat. 19:30
Aichi Sakae   Sakae 62 F Bilingual Wed. 2nd/4th 19:15
Aichi Tokai Business   Nagoya 62 F Japanese Thu. 4th 18:00
Mie Yokkaichi Business P Yokkaichi 62 F Japanese Mon. 4th 7:00
Mie Kuwana P Kuwana 62 F Bilingual Sun. 1st 13:15

Kinki section

Club Name Sts Station Area Div. Language
Week Start
Kyoto Kyoto   Keage 64 F Bilingual Sat. 2nd/5th 14:00
Kyoto Kyoto Prospective P Kyoto 64 F        
Nara Nara   Gakuenmae 63 F English Sun. 2nd 14:00
Osaka Naniwa   Nanba 63 F English Sat. 3rd 14:00
Osaka Osaka Sakai   Sakai-higashi 63 F English Sat. 1st 14:00
Osaka Osaka   Ohsaka 64 F English Wed. 2nd/4th 18:30
Osaka Hokusetsu Bilingual   Takatsuki 64 F Bilingual Sat. 4th 14:00
Osaka Senri   Senri Chuo 65 F English Sat. 3rd 14:00
Hyogo Ashiya   Ashiya 63 F English Sat. 3rd 14:00
Hyogo Nishinomiya TGIF   Nishinomiyakitaguchi 65 F English Fri. 2nd/4th 19:30
Hyogo Speak-Up Adv Nishinomiyakitaguchi 65 F English Sun. 4th 14:00
Hyogo Nishinomiya   Nishinomiyakitaguchi 65 F Japanese Sun. 1st 14:00
Hyogo Takarazuka   Takarazuka-minamiguchi 71 G English Sat. 1st 14:00
Hyogo Kansai   Sannomiya 71 G English Sun. 3rd 14:00
Hyogo East-Kobe   Iwaya 71 G English Sat. 4th 13:30
Hyogo Kobe Adv Motomachi 71 G Japanese Sat. 2nd 15:00
Hyogo Itami   Hanky Itami 71 G English Sun. 2nd 13:30
Hyogo Caterpillar Akashi C/Closed Uozumi 71 G English 2nd Tue.
4th Thu.
Wakayama Wakayama P Wakayama 63 F Bilingual Wed. 1st/3rd 18:30

Chugoku and Shikoku section

Club Name Sts Station Area Div. Language
Week Start
Okayama Okayama   Okayama 73 G English Sun. 1st 14:00
Tottori Tottori   Tottori 71 G English Sun. 2nd 14:00
Hiroshima Hiroshima   Yokogawa 73 G English     See the HP
Hiroshima Aki   Shin-Hakushima 73 G English Sat. 1st/3rd 18:30
Hiroshima Saijo Sake   Saijo 73 G English Sun.  2nd/4th 15:00
Hiroshima Quantum   Hiroshima 74 G English 2nd/4th Mon. 11:30
2nd/4th Sat. 18:00
Hiroshima Kure   Kure 74 G English Sun. 3th 14:30
Hiroshima Momiji   Fukuromachi 74 G Bilingual See HP   19:00
Hiroshima Crescent Lunch   Shin-Inokuchi 74 G English Mon. 1st/3rd 11:30
Yamaguchi Shimonoseki   Shimonoseki 81 H English Wed. 1st/3rd 18:30
Tokushima Tokushima   Tokushima 72 G English Sun. 3rd 13:30
Kochi Kochi   Asakura  72 G English Mon. 4th/5th 19:00
Ehime Imabari   Imabari 72 G Bilingual Sat. 1st 17:20
Ehime Matsuyama   Matsuyama 72 G English Sun. 13:30 (One time a month)
Mon. 19:30 (Two times a month)
Kagawa Takamatsu   Takamatsu 72 G English Sun. 2nd 13:30

Kyushu and Okinawa sections

Club Name Sts Station Area Div. Language
Week Start
Fukuoka Kitakyushu   Keibajomae 81 H English Fri. 2nd/4th 18:30
Fukuoka Iizuka   Shiniizuka 81 H English Sat. 1st/3rd 14:00
Fukuoka Kyushu University   Maidashi Kyudai
Byouin Mae
81 H Bilingual Fri. 2nd/4th 18:15(J)/
Fukuoka Kurume   Kurume 82 H English Sat. 2nd/4th 18:00
Fukuoka Fukuoka   Akasaka 82 H English Tue. 1st/3rd 18:30
Fukuoka Dazaifu   Nishitetsufutsukaichi 82 H English Wed. 1st/3rd 19:00
Oita Oita   Oita 81 H Bilingual Sat. 2nd 18:30
Nagasaki Nagasaki   Nagasakidaigakumae 82 H English  Tue. 2nd/4th  19:00 
Nagasaki Sasebo FA     82 H English Tue. 2nd/4th 18:30
Kumamoto Nakakyushu   Suidocho 83 H English Sat. 1st/3rd 18:30
Kumamoto Kumamoto   Suidocho 83 H Japanese Sat. 2nd 18:30
Kumamoto Higo   Uruchisanmachi 83 H Japanese Sat. 1st/3rd 19:00
Miyazaki Miyazaki     83 H English 1st Sun. 10:00
3rd Sat. 18:30
Kagoshima Kagoshima   Kagoshima-chuoh 83 H Bilingual Sun. 3rd 10:00
Okinawa Oki Orators   Kitena Base 84 H English Thu. 2nd/4th 19:00
Okinawa Shuri Trilingual     84 H Trilingual Sun. 1st/3rd 15:00
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