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Introduction of Bashamichi Toastmasters Club

Toshio Yada,

The founder and President of Bashamichi Toastmasters Club 

I have here a brief highlight of the events at the joint meeting in Taiwan between Bashamichi Toastmasters Club in Yokohama (District 76) and Leadership Village Toastmasters Club in Taipei (District 67).  Both of them are quite new English clubs.

Last year, some District 76 members and I participated in District 67 Spring Conference Kaohsiung, the southern part of Taiwan, and we got a warm-hearted hospitality from District 67 Toastmasters including TM Janifer Kuo.

I found out that she is a member of Leadership Village Toastmasters Club, and we desired to have the joint meeting with this club in Taiwan in the near future.

When I built Bashamichi Toastmasters club this March, I made club visions, and one of them was to connect with clubs in Asian countries.
Through our frequent communications mainly between TM Janifer Kuo, and TM Kawakami, VPE of Bashamichi Toastmasters Club, the joint meeting was done very successfully and pleasantly.

From Japan, 10 members including TM Kazuko Kawauchi, District 76 Governor as well as a member of Bashamichi Toastmasters club, visited Taipei to participate in the joint meeting. We were overwhelmed by the great number of participants who gathered from various places in Taiwan, and I found out that there were so many DTMs, and District Governors past and present. The total number of participants exceeded more than 60.

Amazingly, a fantastic booklet for our joint meeting was prepared and given to us.

In the joint meeting, both club members made prepared speeches, Table Topics, TM Magazine reading, evaluations, and general evaluation with a high quality level.

TM Magazine reading was beneficial for us. It was some discussions by referring to the topic of “The Power of Apologies” in the TM Magazine June 2013 issue. We learned the tips of human relationships by apologizing appropriately as a valuable tool.

Moreover, the highlight of the joint meeting was the inspiring keynote speech by TM George Yen, Toastmasters International President-Elect 2012-2013.

After the joint meeting, we had the dinner party at the same venue together.

The dinner party was also exciting. Having delicious food, singing songs, dancing, exchanging gifts, chatting, and taking group photos were unforgettable experiences.

We were moved by the warm hospitality of the Taiwanese people.

Through this joint meeting and dinner party, we have been able to meet lots of   Toastmasters in District 67, and learned the importance to connect with other clubs.

We would like to keep friendships with them and learn more. After the joint meeting, TM Kawakami and I became a member of Leadership Village Toastmasters Club.

Finally, I would like to express my thanks to many friends in District 67 including District 67 Governor - Y.S. Liao, LGET - Joy Tsai, and LGM - Eric Liang, especially TM Janifer Kuo, President of Leadership Village Toastmasters Club, who prepared well, and made our joint meeting so successful.

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