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Diversity Toastmasters Club (Online Club)


Hello all,

We are Diversity Toastmasters Club who conduct the regular meetings online.

This is the first online club in Japan to enjoy the Toastmasters educational programs as much as possible by mitigating some obstacles to attend the meetings.

In terms of locations, Online meetings can allow us to join the meeting from anywhere as long as we have network to connect with. If you live in the town far from the meeting venues, Online meeting opportunities can be a resort for you. If you are occupied with household workloads such as taking care of kids or nursing cares for your parents, Online meeting opportunities can also be a resort for you. Additionally, if you feel some challenges in speaking English in front of the people, Online meeting opportunities offer us the chances to gain our confidence as we can put the scripts on hand in delivering speeches, we can have chats in listening to the speeches, etc. Online meeting can be selected in voice only mode or video mode. We can enjoy the toastmasters educational program under relaxed atmosphere via Online. Hoping you can join our meeting as a guest. If you like it, let’s enjoy together with us!

Could you please visit our website to know how to join the meeting and the club?


Meeting Schedule;

The 1st and 3rd Wednesday, 21:00 - 22:30 at Japan time (UTC+9)



Zoom Online Meeting

1st Wed ;

3rd Wed ;






ダイバーシティ・トーストマスターズ・クラブ (オンライン・クラブ)








日本時間(UTC+9) 第一・第三 水曜日, 21:00 - 22:30



Zoom オンラインミーティング










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