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TMC on the spot!!

Senri Toastmasters Club

Here’s our new project.
A candid interview to Toastmasters Clubs! It’s called ‘TMC on the Spot!!’ project. What are their secrets of winning new members and more visitors which result in lively meetings? We are about to unlock the mystery by introducing some popular clubs today. The first report came from Senri Toastmasters Club in Osaka city, Area 53, Division E.

[The regular meeting delivered in a sense of tension with cozy atmosphere]
Senri TMC holds meetings once a month, every 3rd Saturdays from 2 PM. At the time of the interview, the meeting was being performed with 3 prepared speeches, 3 evaluations, and 9 table topic speeches.
There were more other items which made this meeting even more colorful; a 5th Anniversary short film, an induction ceremony for two new members, a speech given by a member who competed in Division contest, and the feedback to be shared after the meeting.
Two out of the three prepared speeches were ‘Icebreaker’, CC 1 project. Which could tell us the club has been receiving newcomers constantly. Club’s agenda could speak for itself.
Now the meeting begins and the time for prepared speeches. I was listening to the speech wondering how nervous I was at my first speech. Then it happened when the Icebreaker finished.
The entire audience rose to its feet and gave the speaker a standing ovation!
Senri TMC has a tradition to give a standing ovation to an icebreaker speaker.
Isn’t it an amazing touch! It would make the speaker happy as well as other new members and guests, and it might inspire them to positively think that their debut will be soon too.

Welcoming new members with big hands must lure the guests, and may make them feel at ease to attend the meeting.
[Meticulous care for guests!]
There was one guest at the meeting today, who was listening to the speeches intently. Senri TMC has its own guidance for welcoming guests. Guests are kindly advised to come 30 min earlier to a meeting so that they can be briefed with instructions about:
*A flow of meeting(Prepared speech, evaluation, Table Topic)
*The meaning of handshake and applause during the meeting, which are not so common in Japan
*Appoint of Table Topics
The guidance contains tips of how to let guests enjoy the meeting and even to make them actively join the meeting. With the spirit of hospitality, we can make meetings not just as a ‘get-together’ but as a friendly platform for everyone.
[Mentoring to back the club’s bone]
As mentioned, Senri TMC has only one meeting monthly, and in that way people attend the meeting with devoted preparation.
The club has to maintain the ‘Mentoring system’ in order to fully experience good results from the regular meetings.
Most of the speakers give their mentors his/her speech script so that they can rewrite it as often as they need with the help of useful advices from their mentors.
So preparing a speech with effort comes as the norm for them because they would start this system from the Icebreaker project.
It explains why the level of the whole prepared speech session was reasonably high despite the fact there were two Icebreakers and one CC *4 project.
Naturally, the level of the meetings and its atmosphere would inspire more people to join, and not to mention, the quality of the meetings is the key to the both quality and the numbers of new member.
With once a month meeting, Senri TMC is using mentoring system effectively. As a result of that, they feature high-quality meetings, and that seems like their main value.
It was no doubt a fun meeting to attend as I was bombarded with their hospitality and many tricks to entertain guests.
Combination of coziness and a good tension must be the true worth of Senri Toastmasters Club.


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