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Walking with Mark, TMC all over the world

Vol. 1 Toastmasters Of Paris

Being a toastmaster, you have friends waiting for you all over the world!
There are toastmasters clubs in most major cities in the world, so why don't you surf the Internet and check the clubs, venues and meeting schedules before you go aboard and attend regular meetings or events such as contests ( club, area, division, or district!)?
First of all, Paris, France:
There only 6 English speaking clubs, (14 French speaking clubs!). In March 2011, I attended an English speaking TMC, Toastmasters of Paris, for the very first time.

The Internet showed "Toastmasters of Paris", or TMOP, as the very first on the list of clubs in Paris. The venue is a cozy and chic restaurant not far from the Opera Garnier, the center of Paris.
The meeting starts at 20:00 and ends at around 22:30, to participate. The dinner meeting is just like a social club. It costs 35 Euros (about¥4,700), so it's a bit expensive, however, it's more than worthwhile to attend!

Many members are adept, experienced, native speakers of English, and usually that have at least four prepared speeches and superb evaluations. To be a member of this club, surprisingly, you'll have to pass an English test!

At first, I failed the examination, because I was not expressive enough due to lack of vocabulary. Especially I did not know many idioms. They say," If you can not comprehend high-class speech accurately, you can not evaluate well. The club's level depends upon high quality evaluations."

Thanks to the test, I bought many English text books to enhance my expressiveness (enlarge my vocabulary and idioms) and months later, I was allowed to be a member. Also, they give members a test on current topics in English. If you do not pass, you could have your evaluator's license suspended.

Toastmasters clubs are supposed to welcome everybody, (those who come are welcome) they say, but once out of Japan, it's a reality that often you are required to have a good command of English.
Most clubs do not have such an English test. Your ⭐️1,Self Introduction, ⭐️2, Impression on Meeting ⭐️3, Impromptu speech at Table Topics Session (especially, this is important), are intensely monitored and discussed amongst club officers.

Now, in case you apply for membership, Toastmasters of Paris demands a certain level of English proficiency. To attend a meeting as a guest, there is no restriction at all.

Participation fee is expensive, but the speeches and evaluations are too good to miss (worth watching, or listening). If you visit Paris, by all means I would recommend you attend TMOP!

TMOP(Toastmasters Of Paris)
The First and the Third Tuesday of the month, 20:00-22:40. At a restaurant "Les Noces de Jeannette" , 9 rue d'Amboise,
75002 Paris 19:30 Drinks 20:00-21:00 Dinner. 21:00-22:30 Meeting 35 Euros=

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