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Area/Division International Speech Contest 2017 Spring

District 76May 5, 6, 7National Olympics Memorial Youth Center
Division AApril 1 Sat 13:00Sendai City Information & Industry Plaza 5F
Area 11March 12 Sun 13:30Kesennuma Central Community Center
Hall 3F Conference Room No. 3 and 4
Area 12March 11 Sat 13:00-17:00Takasaki Chuo Kominkan
Area 13March 19 Sun 14:00-16:30Westa Kawagoe
Area 14March 4 Sat 13:00Westa Kawagoe
Area 15March 5 Sun 13:00Zoshigaya Chiiki Bunka Souzoukan
Area 16March 18 Sat 14:00-17:10Matsumotoshi Agatanomori Bunkakaikan
Division BApril 15 Sat 12:00-17:00Musashino Kokaidou
Area 21March 12 Sun 13:00BNI Mitaka Conference Room
Area 22March 19 Sun 13:15-16:20Chofu-shi Tadukuri Bunka Kaikan 8F
Area 23March 18 Sat 9:00-11:45 Shibuya City Worker’s Welfare Hall
Area 24March 26 Sun 13:00-17:00National Olympics Memorial Youth Center
Area 25March 11 Sat 9:00-11:45Tsukuba University Tokyo Campus
Area 26March 20 Hol 13:00-17:00Bunkyo-ku Kumin Center
Area 27March 12 Sun 13:30-17:00Okubo Chiiki Center
Division CApril 2 SunTokyo Shigoto Center B2F
Area 31March 5 Sun PMKawasaki-shi Shogaigakushu Plaza #301
Area 32March 5 Sun PMShinbashi Balloon #304
Area 33March 11 Sat AMOimachi Kyurian the first special seminar room
Area 34March 11 Sat PMYakumojyuku Center Meeting room #5
Area 35March 5 Sun AMKawasaki-shi Shogaigakushu Plaza #301
Area 36March 26 Sun PMTokyo American Club
Division DApril 8 Sat PMEdogawa Green Palace
Area 41March 18 Sat PMTsukuba-shi Onogawa Koryu Center
Area 42March 12 Sun PMIchikawa Bunka Kaikan
Area 43March 26 Sun PMYachiyo City Sougo Syougai Gakusyu Plaza
Area 44March 9 Thu NTBloomberg (Marunouchi Building)
Area 45March17 Fri NTMinato-ku Shinmei Ikiiki Plaza
Area 46March 11 Sat 13:30-16:40Nihonbashi Kokaido
Division EApril 2 SunVerk Yokosuka
Area 51March 19 SunKawasaki-shi Kokusai Koryu Center
Area 52March 5 SunTakatsu Shimin Kan
Area 53March 11 SatHatoba Kaikan 4F
Area 54March 4 SatEarth Plaza
Area 55March 18 Sat 12:00-16:30Machida-shi Shogai Gakushu Center
Area 56March 12 SunEarth Plaza
Area 57March 5 Sun Chigasaki Kinro Shimin Kaikan
Division FApril 15 Sat 13:30E-able Nagoya
Area 61March 19 Sun 13:30Nexcity paletta 2F Space Paletta
Area 62March 12 Sun 13:00WillAichi Meeting room #7
Area 63March 25 Sat 12:20Toyo Building 4F 4goushitsu
Area 64March 12 Sun 13:30L-Osaka South101
Area 65March 19 Sun 13:00Nishinomiya-shi Daigaku Koryu Center
Division GApril 23  SunTokushima Awagin Hall
Area 71March 11 SatKobe Chuka Kaikan
Area 72March 18 SatUnivercity of Kochi Eikokuji Campus
Area 73March 12 SunHiroshima City International House
Area 74March 12 SunHiroshima City International House
Division HApril 9 SunKyushu University Hospital Campus
Area 81March 12 Sun 12:10Iizuka Community Center
Area 82March 19 Sun Eru Peer Kurume
Area 83March 12 SunKumamoto Kenmin Koryukan Parea

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