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  • Oki Orators Toastmastes Club chartered!


    Oki Orators Toastmastes Club chartered!

    In 2006 my wife and I was invited to Word Weavers club, Wiesbaden, Germany. After the visit we were very impressed by what happened during our visit...

  • Fantasista Toastmasters Club chartered!


    Fantasista Toastmasters Club chartered!

    On October 25, 2010, Toastmasters International gave a full-fledged status to Fantasista club, and we made our debut as the 100th Toastmasters club in District 76...

  • GreenHills Toastmastes club chartered!


    GreenHills Toastmastes club chartered!

    Isao Kubota:Green Hills Toastmasters Club (GHTMC), a new Club in English, was chartered last June 23, 2010, and consequently had their charter ceremony 12th of September, 2010.

  • Tottori Toastmastes club chartered!


    Tottori Toastmastes club chartered!

    Makie Kai: Do you know anything about Tottori? Do you know where it is? Maybe Tottori is one of the least familiar places for many Toastmasters in Japan.

  • Omotesando Bilingual Toastmasters Club chartered!


    Omotesando Bilingual Toastmasters Club chartered!

    Omotesando has two faces. Of couse Omotesando is known as one of the most fashionable towns in Tokyo. There are many international brand-name shop…

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