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Introduction of Atsugi-Zama Toastmasters Club

A Posadas
President, Atsugi-Zama Toastmasters Club, 2012
We are pleased to be recognized as the club leading the DCP points for District 76 this year. Our methods can be summarized as below:
It begins with the club's officers of last year who attended the officer's meetings and trainings throughout the term consistently. The trainings and meetings inculcated to the officers the importance of CC/CL completion, and achieving DCP points. Because the club's focused on achieving CC/CL and DCP points, our club was able to achieve 9 points last year. Here is the connection, our club officers this year is consists of that same group last year with few seats changed. Naturally, from the beginning of the term starting July, our team worked on recruiting and education. 

Our tools are: 
1. A website info showing a brief introduction of the club and a picture of members showing wide age group membership - a balanced number of young and old members. Naturally the new recruits who viewed the homepage were encouraged by what they see. 
2. Orientation of new members thatemphasized the value of completing the CC and the CL manuals. One manual in a year is the standard goal.

3. Monitoring of each member's progress using a spreadsheet. VPE Y. Inoue continuous follow up of each member's progress gained good results . Also, mentors are assigned to new members.
4. Monthly officer's meeting that monitors our club's progress and formulates means of improvement.

5. Lastly, member's achievements are honored, keeping each member motivated to participate in the club roles.
A Posadas

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