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A group of Bashamichi Toastmasters Club goes to KL

Toshio Yada,

IP President of Bashamichi Toastmasters Club and a group leader 

Last August, a group of our Bashamichi Toastmasters club with some other members visited Kuala Lumpur (KL) and it was a fantastic journey.
I would like to share brief highlight with District 76 members.

Our visit to KL was mainly done for the following three purposes.

1. The participation to the 2014 International Convention.
In total, 18 members attended the convention, and out of 18, 13 were the members of Bashamichi TMC. We joined the Convention dressed in colorful Happi uniform from Aug. 20 to 23. It was educational and inspiring.

2. The joint meeting with a local club in KL
Last August 20, we had the joint meeting with ITC Bintang TMC(English club) at Federal Hotel close to KL Convention Center in the evening.
The meeting room was packed with roughly 50 members together.
The joint meeting was exciting and fun thanks to the adequate preparations.
After the meeting, we also enjoyed having Malaysian food until midnight.

3. "Taiwan Japan Night" event
Last August 22, we had the "Taiwan Japan Night" event at a restaurant in Concorde Hotel where we stayed.
This "Taiwan Japan Night" event was held for the return of Taiwanese kind hospitality where Bashamichi TMC had at the joint meeting with Leadership Village TMC (English advanced club) last year.
In the evening, from Taiwan, 15 members joined its pleasant event.
Luckily, George Yen, International President, and his wife, Jorie was also able to participate in the event despite their busy schedules for the Convention. I really appreciate their thoughtfulness.
Some members of Bashamichi TMC performed Sado (茶道)to show Japanese hospitality "Omotenashi" to them and they were very pleased to see it.
Some Taiwanese members also performed Chinese Opera with a humor.
It was an unforgettable and fantastic evening which we have never experienced before.

All in all, our trip to KL was very rewarding and we would like to keep in touch with the clubs in Asia through joint meetings, Facebook and so on. Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to the members of ITC Bintang TMC and the members of Leadership Village TMC for their great contributions to make our trip successful.

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