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The 20th Anniversary Celebration Event of Sendai Toastmasters Club

Sayako Sato
President, Sendai Toastmasters Club
We are very happy to announce that our club celebrates its 20th Anniversary this year. Currently, we have 38 members from 8 different countries. We have grown to become an international club.
On June 8th (Sat), 2013, we held our 20th Anniversary Celebration Event at HOTEL LEOPALACE SENDAI, which was awarded the Good Design Award in 2011.
The event began with a warm greeting from MC Naoko Takahashi. The opening remark was delivered by our club president, TM Sayako Sato. She welcomed all the participants warmly, including guests from other Toastmasters Clubs; (Saitama, Key Force, Utsunomiya, Chiba Central, Tsudanuma charter, Morino-no-Miyako provisional Toastmasters Club) as well as former members of Sendai Toastmasters club.
Ceremony Session
Key Note Speech

During the Ceremony, Mr. Yokichi Watanabe, the key note speaker, spoke about Hasekura Tsunenaga and described his colleagues` missions. Mr. Watanabe’s interests and research are about Hasekura Tsunegnaga and his descendants who bare the name of “Japon” as his life work. It was a very academic and meaningful speech for Sendai members because the speech was about Hasekura’s descendants from Sendai, and, we, as Sendai residents, are proud and could relate to the presentation greatly.
A former member, who came all the way from San Francisco, was very excited and felt a deep connection with his speech, because his Japanese wife’s maiden name, also a former member of Sendai Toastmasters Club, bares name of Hasekura.

Homage to Late Mr. Saito

After the keynote speech session, an homage speech to our dearly departed Mr. Norio Saito was delivered by TM Mako Watanabe. Mr. Saito was a key person for our club. Though he passed away in Feb of 2011, the words he left our club with, “Never be satisfied with what you already have. Keep growing” will remain alive in our hearts forever. We will never forget his spirit and we will keep on growing as Sendai Toastmasters Club members.
Table Topic Session

During the latter half of the Ceremony, we had a Special Table Topic Session conducted by Sendai TMC veteran member Motomu Ito. The theme was “Tips for keeping the club healthy and keep it running many years ahead”. Unique questions were given to 11 participants and we all enjoyed listening to their responses.

Party Session
Congratulatory Address

The party portion of the event was conducted by TM Tozo Niino.  A congratulatory speech from TM Akemi Murayama (Key Force Toastmasters Club) and a toast from TM Makiko Hirose (Saitama Toastmasters Club) were delivered. Both of them are charter members of our club. They shared some memories about how this club was chartered 20 years ago. We could learn the big challenges and efforts the charter members had to go through to make this club grow to what it is today.

We were greatly inspired by those charter members who still continue to be active in this organization after leaving Sendai. It was a moment we realized how attractive Toastmasters clubs is: with its quality, and its strength of network.

Message from Abroad

While we enjoyed good food, drinks and chatting, video messages from former members abroad were presented. We all enjoyed being back with them again trough the videos if only from a brief moment.
The Best Table Topic Speaker

The results of the Table Topic Session were reported at the end of the party. It was a really close call between the winners. The best speaker was TM Shoko Takimoto (Tsudanuma Club). The 2nd prize went to Mr. Satoshi Takahashi (an ex member), and the 3rd prize went to TM Seiko Matsumoto (Chiba Central club). Their speeches were very persuasive and humorous. We were all excited about the session. Sendai specialty goods were presented as prizes to the winners.
In Conclusion~Keep Growing~

In all, 43 people, weather they were former members, guests or actual members, took part in this commemoration day. Even though it was our first reunion, we all connected in a warm and positive way by having the same keyword, TOASTMASTERS!
It was a magical moment, and we acknowledged the great achievements of our former and senior members. Without them, we could not be who we are today, and would never have had such an enjoyable celebration.
Taking this opportunity, we thank all the people who supported us these past 20 years. It is our sincere wish to contribute to further developing our club in the years to come and therefore, your continued support and cooperation are highly appreciated.   (June, 2013)

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