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8th Japan-Korea Joint Meeting Tokyo Metropolitan TMC

TM Maiko Fijiwara
Tokyo Metropolitan TMC

We started to have joint meetings between Tokyo metropolitan Toast Masters Club in Japan and JETM (Japanese English Toastmasters Club) in Korea in 2012 and we have held 8 joint meetings since then.
Every year we have meetings twice a year, once in Tokyo and once in Seoul.
2015 was a special year since it was the 50th anniversary of the relationship between Japan and Korea, and we had special toastmaster joint meetings, 7th mtg in September and 8th mtg in November,
which were supported by the program of Ministry of Foreign Affaires called "Jenesys."
7th Japan-Korea Joint Meeting

7th Japan-Korea Joint Meeting


In September, about 20 Japanese toastmasters visited Seoul and had a big meeting there with 60 toastmasters in total.
In November, about 20 Korean toastmasters visited Tokyo and again had a big meeting here again with 70 toastmasters in total.
Those special events were so successful to help understand the difference of language, culture and history and build a greater friendship and stronger bond between two countries.
It was amazing!! We will keep this momentum going forward!!

Hope these photos will work for the international magazine.
8th Japan-Korea Joint Meeting

8th Japan-Korea Joint Meeting

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