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District Conference

Spring Conference 2012 in Makuhari

Result of District 76 International Speech Contest 2012 Final

1st Place : Ruskyle Howser (Musashi Kosugi Tastmasters Club), "What love is"
2nd Place : Fabian Nieber (Shinagawa Toastmasters club), "The deal of the century"
3rd Place : Masahiko Yoshikawa (Takarazuka Toastmasters Club), "Once in a lifetime"

Other finalists (in speaking order)
- Daniel Ross (Sendai Toastmasters Club) "What are your priorities?"
- Shinji Mizuarai(Tsukuba Toastmasters Club), "Power of believing in dreams"
- Toshiya Nakajima(Kitakyusyu Toastmasters Club) "Life is walking"

Toastmaster Howser is going to competed in the Semifinal Speech Contest 1 on Thursday, August 16, 2012 at the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek Resort.

Result of District 76 Japanese Speech Contest 2012 Final

1st Place : Shigeru Kobayashi (Chofu Free Flight Toastmasters Club), "Yell"
2nd Place : Makoto Yuba (Tokai Toastmasters Club), "Yuuki wo ataeru, yuuki wo morau"
3rd Place : Eiichi Shimoji (Edo Toastmasters Club), "Karate ni sente nashi"

Other finalists (in speaking order)
- Aki Arimoto(Momiji Toastmasters Club), "Namuda no Kazu dake"
- Mariko Motooka (DenEn Toshi Toastmasters Club), "Motto Asonde Motto Tanoshiku"
- Kosuke Noguchi (Chiyoda Toastmasters Club), "Shin Ai naru Rinjin"

Invitation to Spring Conference 2012 in Makuhari

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