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Statement "To become Distinguished" / Greetings from LGET Ohmi, July 2012

Kiichiro Ohmi, DTM
District76 Lt.Governor Education and Training, 2012-2013

I’d like to give special thanks to all of you for your cooperation during our previous Toastmasters year of 2011- 2012. As LGM, I was so happy that District 76 achieved such high performance in our marketing activities. Twenty clubs were built in one year; and more than 400 members who want to improve their personal skills joined this marvelous organization.


I am lucky to be able to serve as LGET in the 2012- 2013 term. I promise you I’ll do my best by using my full ability, energy, time, and some money. There are many measures of success for individuals and clubs. What is your goal and your Club’s goals for Toastmasters? Is it to become a CC, AC, or DTM ? Is it to become a speech contest winner? Is it to become a Distinguished Club by getting a lot of points?

I’d like to present a key word today: "Distinguished".


I think these educational titles or recognitions are only one way to Distinguish yourself. They are, of course, useful measures, but they themselves are not goals. Some members leave toastmasters after they achieve CC. I think this is “Mottaina” as we say in Japanese. I think CC is just the first step towards proceeding to the more realistic advanced manuals and to Distinguish yourself.


Or you might say that being a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) should be the goal for individuals? 


No, I don’t think so. Even after achieving DTM, we can challenge ourselves to a second CC, a second AC and second DTM. Past International President Pat Johnson achieved four DTMs and she is challenging herself to her fifth now. “Distinguished” is not a title, it is a method of continuous effort to be more than you were yesterday, last month, or last year.


Should achieving the Distinguished Club Program (DCP) be a club’s final goal?


I don’t think so. A Club’s success is the result of the accumulation of each individual member’s successful achievement.  If many members achieve their distinguished steps, a club will also achieve DCP status.  DCP itself is not a goal.  However it is a very effective scale to measure a club’s status.


I expect all clubs to use this scale effectively to achieve your club’s success.


As LGET, I feel honored to serve you by supporting all individual achievement and the distinguished success of all Clubs by the end of our next term on June 30th.


Everybody, let's become Distinguished together.

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