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Information from District Executive Officers

District Alignment Committee (2012-2013)

Kazuko Kawauchi, DTM
District76 Governor, 2012-2013
I am happy to announce that I have appointed the chair and six committee members of the District Alignment Committee 2012-2013 as follows.

     Chair : TM Tsuneo Kato

     Committee Members : Division A - TM Daijiro Shinohara
                                                Division B - TM Hiroyasu Tanabe
                                                Division C - TM Hisato Yoshioka
                                                Division D - TM Hisashi Watanabe
                                                Division E - TM Takashi Suzuki
                                                Division F – TM Seiichiro Matsuda

The committee should look at the district’s alignment and put forward a structure for the next program year 2013-2014. It should also consider an alignment that services the clubs in the most effective way possible and meets the TI policy requirements.

For more information about the committee, please click here.
As you will see in the link that the proposed schedule for districts to form an! alignme nt committee is in December. However, this term in District 76, in order to receive various voices from each club regarding alignment and start active discussions soon, the district formed the committee in October.

The committee chair TM Kato will send you the district’s timeline and methodology of how to hear your voices. I’d appreciate your cooperation on this matter in advance.

Thank you and best regards,

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