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Information from District Executive Officers

New Year Greetings from DG Kawauchi, Jan 2013

Kazuko Kawauchi, DTM
District76 Governor, 2012-2013

Happy New Year! I hope that you have a wonderful New Year with your family and friends. Many of you may have already made New Year’s resolutions and started to realize them by doing your best toward them. I think some of them can be attained through Toastmasters’ activities. If so, I’d recommend that you’d achieve your next-level educational awards so that you can fulfill your objectives and realize your dreams much quicker this year.
Many of you may have got to know Toastmasters on referral from a friend or an acquaintance of yours, currently enjoy being a Toastmaster, and try to improve your leadership and communication skills by expanding your horizons with your fellow members. Toastmasters’ activities may have found a way into your life now.

Even though we have regular meetings in a small and humble venue, we are connected with about 280,000 members in 115 other countries in the world who have different skin colors, religion and beliefs but share the common goals with us. I think this is a "Member Experience as a Toastmasters Club Member," which we cannot obtain in any other organization. As International President John Lau advocates in his “1+1 Campaign”, let’s introduce our splendid “Member Experience” to our friends, and colleagues who do not know Toastmasters yet.
We at District 76 aim at a global standard excellence and achieving the President’s Distinguished District Award this term. By attaining the award, let's show the world our wonderful teamwork further.
As District Governor, I always feel fortunate that I have the opportunity to learn and advance together with you. Let’s have a wonderful year together!

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