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New Year Greetings from LGET Ohmi, Jan 2013

Kiichiro Ohmi, DTM
District76 Lt.Governor Education and Training, 2012-2013

Happy New Year,


I hope all of you having wonderful and calm New Year holidays with family or friends.

New year holiday, it is a nice time to make a New Year resolution. How about take some time to remember your past half toastmaster year's performance and renew the goal for incoming half year?


According to the Toastmasters International dashboard's data, sixteen clubs got distinguished club status. 190 members got CC, CL, AC, and AL award. And two members got DTM status in this half year. For all achievers, congratulations again! Let’s follow them to get great result.


By the way, I went to Kennedy Space Center, NASA in Florida, U.S. after the World Convention 2012. There were so many exiting exhibitions, such as Space Shuttle, Saturn V Rocket mock up, moon stone. All of items were amazing! And I was most impressed by reading again the famous words by Captain Neil Armstrong of Apollo 11. "That's one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind."


In Toastmasters, each meeting role is just a small step. However, stacking these small steps will lead us to a big leap, such as individual’s educational awards: CC,AC,CL, DTM, and also DCP status of your club. 


I hope all of you and clubs will achieve the big leap in this year 2013.


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