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Information from District Executive Officers

The 2nd Communication Leadership Award Honoree

Takayuki Fujiwara
Communication Leadership Award Committee Chair, 2013
Toastmasters District 76 (Japan Office) presents the Communication Leadership Award of this year to Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara, Chairman of Board of Trustees, St. Luke's International Medical Center.

Reasons for the Award
  • To raise awareness among doctors and promote the idea of “diagnosing not diseases but patients,” as well as to take leadership in the advancement of nurses’ social status.
  • To highly contribute to an increase in people’s awareness and knowledge of health, by frequently giving lectures and writing books that let ordinary people actively maintain and improve their health in their daily lives.To propose a new lifestyle for super-aging society and establish the association of the New Elderly to achieve it.
  • To promote activities which allow elderlies to contribute to the society by interacting with the generation of their grandchildren.
  • To teach kids, future leaders for peace in Japan, on the importance of life by giving lectures about life all around the county at the grass-roots level.
  • Other than those above, to continue to have curiosity and try new things, as well as to give them back to the society and take a great leadership.

The awarding ceremony will be held on Saturday, November 16 at Papillon 24 Gas Hall in Fukuoka Prefecture, as part of a program of Toastmasters District 76 Fall Conference 2013.

Communication Leadership Award
Communication Leadership Award is an award to remind the society of the importance of the value of communication mainly by speech and that of leadership which have favorable effect on the society or groups, and thereby contribute to realizing a better society of Japan through learning its skills. This is the supreme award presented by Toastmasters to non-member people. (Ref. About Communication and Leadership Award)

Shigeaki Hinohara
He was born in 1911 in Yamaguchi-city, Yamaguchi Prefecture, and is a medical doctor. He is Chairman of Board of Trustees, St. Luke's International Medical Center, Honorary President, St. Luke's International Hospital, honorary director of Institute of Grief Care, Sophia University, administrative director of The Life Planning Center Foundation, and administrative director of St.Luke’s Life Science Center. Through the stages of a junior assistant doctor of Faculty of medicine, Kyoto Imperial University, a medical officer of Imperial Japanese Navy, and so on, he held posts such as principal of St. Luke’s College of Nursing,an affiliate professor of Jichi Medical University, an affiliate professor of Harvard University, and chairman of The Japanese Society of Internal Medicine.

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