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Information from District Executive Officers

From District Lt. Governor Marketing

Volunteers wanted for 2013-14 Marketing Committee

Kiminari Azuma, DTM
District76 Lt. Governor Marketing, 2013-2014

"We build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence. (District Mission)" 

To accomplish this mission, the network of Toastmasters clubs must continually expand, thereby offering more people the opportunity to benefit from the Toastmasters program, and the district marketing committee plays vital roles to accomplish this mission.  Please join and give us your helping hand. If you are interested in supporting the growth of Toastmasters clubs in our District 76, please consider to join our Marketing Committee.

Committee members' roles and responsibilities, and available positions.

Marketing Commitee offers following opportunities and please refer to the table below for detail roles and responsibilities for each position.  If you are a good standing Toastmaster, you are eligible. LGM will have interviews with applicants via email, Skype or face-to-face meeting.  LGM will make Go/No Go decisions.  As soon as positions are filled, recruting process will be closed for this Toastmasters year. 

- Club Lead Chair
- Club Extension Chair
- Club Charter Chair
- Club Quality Chair
- Club Sponsor Chair
- Club Mentor Chair
- Club Coach and Rescue Chair
- Club Dues Chair
- Marketing Secretary

Following positions are already filled and the opportunities have been closed.
- Membership Growth Chair
- Marketing Education and Traininig Cordinator

How could I apply for a position?

Please click on below link to apply.  An online form will be opened.

Positions and Roles & Responsibilities

Available Positions
Roles and Responsibilities
Club Lead Chair The Club Lead Chair is responsible for managing all credible new club leads within the boundaries of your District. He/she is responsible for contacting clients, following up with clients, and tracking the status of all leads. A lead is considered completed when the client (1) commits to bringing Toastmasters into his/her organization and requests a pre-charter meeting; (2) postpones the initial request; or (3) declines our services. Other duties include arranging for needed materials to be sent to clients, staffing the Lead Committee, and providing training for Club Lead Committee members.
Club Extension Chair The Club Extension Chair is responsible for scheduling and staffing all sample meetings held, recruiting and training the team, and collecting the required chartering funds. He/she will coordinate with the Club Charter Chair and track all sample meetings, reporting all sample meeting activities to the LGM and the Marketing Secretary on a regular basis.
Club Charter Chair The Club Charter Chair coordinates with the Extension Chair and ensures tracking all pre-charter efforts, completing charter paperwork accurately, sending the charter materials (paperwork / funds) to WHQ, and reporting all pre-charter activities to the LGM and the Marketing Secretary on a regular basis.
Club Quality Chair The Club Quality Chair continuously monitors all District clubs by working with Division, Area, and Club leaders to ensure that clubs embark on a program of continuous improvement, assemble a repository of best and worst practices, and disseminate this information throughout the District. He/she will assess how well these improvement systems are working and quickly identify low membership Clubs. This individual will also advise the LGM and Club Coach and Rescue Chair so that recommendations can be made to District Governor or LGM to assign a Club Coach if a Club has fewer than 12 members. Also he/she will verify the accuracy of the information provided on Toastmasters International’s “Find a Club” web pages and take corrective action (contacting club and asking for accurate information) when required.
Club Sponsor Chair
The Club Sponsor Chair is responsible for recruiting, training, and tracking sponsors for all clubs that charter or are in the midst of the chartering process. Other responsibilities include (1) refining the sponsoring curriculum to ensure our sponsors effectively serve their clubs; and (2) working with sponsors to ensure they receive sponsoring credit from WHQ.
Club Mentor Chair The Club Mentor Chair is responsible for recruiting, training, and tracking mentors for all clubs that charter or are in the midst of the chartering process. Other responsibilities include (1) refining the mentoring curriculum to ensure our mentors effectively serve their clubs; and (2) working with mentors to ensure they receive mentoring credit from Toastmasters International.
Club Coach & Rescue Chair The Club Coach & Rescue Chair is responsible for recruiting and training club coaches and consultants and for helping coaches and consultants develop action plans to help their assigned clubs. He/she should continuously follow up with coaches and consultants, monitor the effectiveness of their action plans, and suggest adjustments where needed. He/she should provide regular status reports to the LGM and the Marketing Secretary.
Club Dues Chair The Club Dues Chair is responsible for designing a process ensuring all of the District clubs submit their dues on time (on or before September 20 and on or before March 20). Also he/she is responsible for designing an audit system to document the status of all clubs during the dues renewal period (September – November and March – May). Additional responsibilities involve following up with all delinquent clubs during the Dues Renewal window and following up with Toastmaster International to resolve any discrepancies uncovered during the dues renewal cycle.
Marketing Secretary The Marketing Secretary’s duties are (1) administering the marketing effort; (2) accumulating status reports from the Marketing Team members who are required to submit such reports; (3) producing a weekly status report to be provided to the LGM; (4) following up on action items as requested by the LGM; (5) maintaining and updating the Marketing Calendar; (6) mailing marketing material as needed; (6) recording minutes at all Marketing meetings; and (7) maintaining all Marketing correspondence and documentation.
Closed Positions
Roles and Responsibilities
Membership Growth Chair The Membership Growth Chair is responsible for ensuring steady and consistent membership growth within the District. He/she works closely with all clubs within the District to promote continuous, effective membership campaigns. He/she will track membership growth, monitor the effectiveness of all membership campaigns and serve as a repository for membership growth knowledge (what works, what does not work and what has been tried). This individual will disseminate all knowledge and lessons learned in a timely manner. He/she is responsible for reporting membership growth to the LGM on a regular basis.
Marketing/Education & Training Coordinator The Marketing/Education & Training Coordinator designs, plans, and cordainates education and training of marketing training programs in District 76, and also resolves issues in common that arise between the district marketing group and its education and training group. For example, Toastmasters who are pursuing an Advanced Leader Silver designation might be interested in becoming a Club Coach, Sponsor or Mentor.

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