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Information from District Executive Officers

Greetings from District 76 Governor, 2014-15

Hisashi Watanabe, DTM
District76 Governor, 2014-2015

The term 2013-2014 was a really wonderful one for me. As the Lieutenant Governor Education and Training, I really had a good time interacting with all wonderful members in District 76. I enjoyed and learned a lot!


I really hope your term 2013-2014 was also the wonderful one. I'm sure there were fun times and also some difficult times, however, both of them are great leaning opportunities. I bet you have grown through the experience and built self-confidence. Happy Toastmasters to you!


This term 2014-2015, I'm happy to serve you as the District 76 Governor. We are enjoying wonderful District 76 because past District Governors contributed to build the great foundation.


While keeping this great foundation, I'd like to contribute to District 76 with following 3 pillars.


1) "Open" To make the district organization more open, so it increases sense of ownership among members.


2) "Connect" To facilitate connection of members beyond club level, so it creates enthusiasm.


3) "Support" When members want to start something new and face rules and regulations, I'd like to be a partner to find a way to realize the new idea while keeping the rules.


I strongly believe these three pillars will contribute to you. Let's enjoy together and learn together!


Sincerely yours,

Hisashi Watanabe

District 76 Governor 2014-2015


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