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New Year Greetings from LGET Azuma, Jan 2015

Kiminari Azuma, DTM
District76 Lt.Governor Education and Training, 2014-2015
Happy New Year, Toastmasters in District 76.

January 1 is the very first day of our calendar. However, January 1 is a mid-year milestone because Toastmaster year begins on July 1 and ends on June 30. Yes, January 1 is the first day of the second half of Toastmaster year! How are you making out?

Six months have passed since I took the office of Lt. Governor Education and Training. I have supported the first round of club officer trainings, speech contests and the Fall Conference. Also between those events, I have conducted numerous online seminars and worked with the Education and Training committee members on future events.

When did I take rests?

But these have been rewarding experiences.

What did I learn for the last six months? The most important lesson I learned was the importance of LISTENING. We, district officers, are prone to focus on WHAT WE OFFER based on the annual calendar or TO-DO list, not based on the Voice of the Customer. I am afraid that this tendency would lead me to the wrong place if I forget how servant leadership should be.

Last December, I visited Higo Toastmasters club in Kumamoto and Minami-Kyusyu Toastmasters club in Miyazaki. I felt that I had known both clubs everything from TMI's reports and/or Area Governor's Club visit reports.

But I was arrogant and I was wrong even though the reports were accurate, but reports are reports! By visiting them, I discovered quite a few things when I actually listened to their club officers and the members. I learned not only about their hardships, but their power, and their strengths as well. I saw hope and silver lining from what I have listened.

This reminds me of one thing. The theme of Project 1 from the Competent Leadership manual is LISTENING.

DTM Watanabe, our district governor's annual themes are Open, Connect and Support as you all know. And I think that these are based on one foundation which is LISTENING.

Listening is my powerful navigation system to put me on the right track in the second half of program year.

Thank you for listening!

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