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2013-14 District Marketing Program

Kiminari Azuma, DTM
District76 Lt.Governor Marketing, 2013-2014
Toastmasters! Another wonderful year has just begun! Here is the list of district marketing porgrams that will help you grow, help clubs to thrive and help the district to become distinguished.  These programs are all yours!

"Let's Talk!" program

Let's talk about your club!  Lt. Governor Marketing, which is me, is going to have one to one sesions with club leaders of all clubs in Distirct 76. Ideally, a session is held on a face to face basis, however depending on the time, place and opportunity, we will have the sessions via Skype or phone conference system.  I am looking forward to hearing your wonderful club stories as well as hardships you are trying to overcome.

Monthly Club Building On-line Seminar

Please come join our Monthly Club Building On-line Seminar.  If you are intered in building a new club, if you are building a new club or if you support a new club, please consider to attend and learn the tips & tricks or share your club building secrets with the rest of the participatns.

Club Building Incentives

District will continue to provide the following support progras for this Toastmaster year.

  1. Receive a portable lectern banner (Item 326) from District when your Application to Organize a Toastmasters club has been accepted by  Toastmasters International.
  2. Received a Club Banner with your club name printed (Item 322) from District and a $100 Gift Certificate for Toastmasters shop when your club becomes full-fledged.

Membership Building Incentives

District will continue to provide the following support progras for this Toastmaster year.

  1. Receive a $20 Gift Certificate for Toastmasters shop from District if your club fullfills the requirement to earn TI's membership building award such as Smedley award, Talk-Up Toastmasters! award,  and/or Beat the Clock award.  District will put Facebook advertisements to let the world know about Toastmasters and direct prospects to your clubs.
  2. Add 5 new members to your club and enjoy $50 worth shopping at Toastmasters online store without worrying about shipping cost! District will implement a District Membership Building campaing again this year starting from December 1 to June 30, 2014.

Building Corporate Clubs

Enhanced communication skills and leadership skills at a corporate are the keys to make our economy stronger.  In this Toastmasters year, district will continue to reach our corporates and show how a corporate receives benefits from Toastmasters programs. District also continues to extend our helping hands to corporate clubs as much as we do for community clubs.

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