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Club Officer Training

The Second Club Officer Training 2012-13

Kiichiro Ohmi, DTM
District76 Lt.Governer Education and Training, 2012-2013
I'd like to send you an important information of District 76 sponcerd "Second Club Officer Training".
It will be held in January and February,2013 by each Division. Attached flyer will give you an information including the training date and venue.
Your club's non officers and prospective club's officers are also welcomed to join the training.
Your club officers can select any training out of 6, according to their availability.
Inthis case, club president contact Your area governor, then area governor fowrad the notice for your and other Division's  governors.
Your club will get one point of DCP when four or more officers attend the both first and second Club Officer Training.
Let's have an enjoyable, exciting and educational training!

Below is the Executive Summary of the training Purpose and Contents.
Giving club officers opportunities to discuss any problems they have got or may be having, get advice,new ideas and tips to improving DCP from peers/district leaders and also network with officers of other clubs. Let¨s have fun! Total training time: at least 4 hours.
  1. Round Table Discussion:   You can get the opportunity to discuss any problems you may having and to meet with officers of other clubs and obtain new ideas for improving your DCP goals.
  2. Moments of Truth:  you can get information and hints why and how to conduct Moments of Truce module.
  3. Super Judge Training: you can get great opportunity to know effective contest Judge.
  4. Time Line Quiz: You can fantastic quiz program about your important time line of your second harf of this term.
I'm looking forward to meet you at the second Club Offuicer Training.
Let's Join us!

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