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Club Officer Training

The First Club Officer Training 2015-16

Division A July 26(Sun) ACM 10:30~11:30 COT 12:45~17:00
Saitama: Musashi-Urawa Community Center in Room 7, 8, 9
Division B July 20(Mon) ACM 10:00~11:00 COT 11:30~16:30
Hachiouji: Hachioji Rosei-Kaikan Room 1, 4
Division C July 26(Sun) ACM 10:00~11:15 COT 12:00~17:00
Bunkyou-Ku: Ochanomizu University Inter-Faculty Building 2 Room 102
Division D July 26(Sun) ACM 9:30~10:45 COT 11:40~17:55
Edogawa-Ku: Edogawa Green Palace
Division E Aug. 2(Sun) ACM 10:00~11:15 COT 12:00~17:00
Kawasaki: Kawasaki-shi Shogai Gakusyu Plaza
Division F July 20(Mon) COT 12:45~17:000
Osaka: L-Osaka Main Hall Room 608 / South Hall Room 734
Division G Aug. 2(Sun) COT 13:00~17:00
Kobe: The institute of Zhonghua-Huiguan Toa-hall, Meeting Room 1
Division H July 26(Sun) COT 11:00~17:00
Kumamoto: Mirai Kaigishitsu

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