Toastmasters International District 76

Toastmasters International District 76 Japan Communication and Leadership Program since 1924

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District Executive Officers

District Director (DD)

  • Name: Kyoko Kitamura
  • Club
  • Comments Coming Soon

Program Quality Director (PQD)

  • Name : Takashi Ishihara
  • Clubs: 
  • Comments : Coming Soon

Club Growth Director (CGD)

  • Name : Eri Teshima
  • Clubs :
  • Comments : Coming Soon

Administration Manager (AM)

  • Name : Hiroki Ohara
  • Clubs : Hibiki Club, Urawa Himawari, Yamanote Toastmasters Club, Meguro Toastmasters Club, Chiyoda Toastmasters Club, Sakurazaka, Oita Toastmasters Club
  • Comments : Coming Soon

Finance Manager (FM)

  • Name: Kyoko Minamoto
  • Clubs:  Pioneer Toastmasters Club, Tokyo Ronpyou Toastmasters Club
  • Comments: Hello Everyone,

    I am Kyoko Minamoto, a returning finance manager. I have four-years-experience of Toastmasters now, taking leadership roles, club officers, area director, division director and finance manager. 

    I would like to make the district finance efficient with the experience of what I leaned last term. The district revenue has increased because of increased membership fee. I will support the district to make the best use of the district funds and will take good care of that money in compliance with the policy of Toastmasters. 

    Just try any roles! I always keep it in mind in Toastmasters. This is the second term serving as finance manager. I will do my best to support the district to develop, enjoying what I am going to lean this term. Thank you. 

Public Relations Manager (PRM)

  • Name: Atsuhiko Nakayasu
  • Clubs:
  • Comments: Coming Soon

Webmaster (WM)

  • Name: Mike Mukaida
  • Clubs: Aki Toastmasters Club
  • Comments: I will try to update information on the web as fast as possible to keep it current. Therefore, I rely on your cooperation to offer me your up-to-date information. In this 2017-2018 term, since the current D76 webpage support will be discontinued at the end of this year, it is required to migrate to a new webpage. I want to promote webpage usage by adding some new functions such as cellphone support etc.

Immediate Past District Director (IPDD)

  • Name: Sumiko Futana
  • Clubs: Kitakyushu Toastmasters Club, Kagoshima Toastmasters Club

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