Toastmasters International District 76

Toastmasters International District 76 Japan Communication and Leadership Program since 1924

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Division Directors

Division A Director

  • Name: Yoshihiro Kawano 
  • Clubs:  Storytelling TMC, Eight Princes TMC, Silk Road TMC, Fuchu TMC, Ginza Prospective TMC
  • Comments: Enhance Quality. Expand TM World. Meet New People.

    Division A covers North East of Japan. Our division consists of 5 areas including 21 clubs. We cover the broad field. For example, the most northern club is in Misawa, Aomori prefecture and the most southern club is in Shinjuku Ku, Tokyo Prefecture. The distance between the two clubs is about 684 km.

    Our strength is diversity. Each member of our division is from various places and different backgrounds. That gives us a full range of knowledge, a way of thinking and resilience. On the other hand, we are united to learn leadership and communication skills through Toastmasters.

    Together, let us build an amazing platform where we can challenge and inspire each other to better our communication skills and become better leaders!

Division B Director

  • Name: Mamoru Yasui
  • Club: Iidabashi TMC, Tokyo Ronpyou TMC & Kohriyama (P) TMC
  • Comments: What is your goal in Toastmasters?  In Division B, there are 29 clubs and about 1,000 members, including freshmen to experts.

    “I want to make an icebreaker speech soon.”  “I want to hone my evaluation skill.”  “I want to achieve CC.”  “I want to win at speech contests.”  Though every goal is different, there is one thing in common.  Every vector shows upward.  Better than yesterday.  Better than today.  Better than tomorrow.  I think that is a growth.

    And that is my role to provide the place for your growth as Division Director.

    Let’s grow together!

Division C Director

  • Name: Takako Aoi
  • Club:
  • Comments Coming Soon


Division D Director

  • Name: Tadao Hamasaki
  • Club: Chiba Central TMC
  • Comments: Division D consists of 27 clubs divided into 7 Area’s. It covers a wide area, such as, Chiba, Ibaraki, a part of east Tokyo and even Sapporo in Hokkaido.

    Each club has its own characteristics based on their group compositions and histories, and all of them are practicing hard to achieve their goals. The same holds true in the club members, who are working on the task as Toastmasters proactively.

    Respecting their features, I'll try to increase the chances of mutual exercising to improve the club quality and to strengthen the advantages, based on the Toastmaster’s principle.

    Area Directors and club members,

    Let's set the goal high and try to make progress together toward the higher stage. Be the progressive Division D!   

Division E Director

  • Name: Yusuke Ohashi
  • Clubs: Visionaries TMC、Bonjour TMC
    Developing speech skill enables you to have more opportunities to inspire/ entertain/ persuade the audience. I would like to serve as DvisionE director, providing more perfect experience in Toastmasters
    DivisionE needs to adapt the Reformation or Split soon, considering the appropriate size of “manageable” organization. I’m going to take the engagements to build & enhance interactive collaboration among clubs, areas, and divisions. (More closely-connected!)
    Let’s boost our growth. Let’s go. Let’s grow!.

Division F Director

  • Name: Noriko Tanaka
  • Club: Osaka Toastmasters Club
  • Comments: My goal is “To enhance the quality of the clubs where members can learn and enjoy more.” I will move forward to make it come true with six Area Directors who are so capable and supportive.

    My slogan :“Being a Toastmaster makes our lives fulfilling. Let’s move forward together!”

Division G Director

  • Name: Mikiko Bando
  • Club:  Tokushima & Matsuyama Toastmasters Club
  • Comments: In Division G, we have already launched the photo page titled “Let’s Discover Fresh and Unique  members inside Division G” with the warm and strong assistance of IPDD Mike Mukaida.

    In this term, we focus on supporting new members as well as small clubs. We have lots of talented individuals inside, so that possibility to grow as the entity is huge.

    We should keep and cherish  every single quality meeting with laughter .

    It is surely our tradition to be passed over to next promising Toastmasters. 

Division H Director

  • Name: Hideo Imai
  • Club: Fuuoka TMC
  • Comments: In Division H, there are 16 clubs and 1 prospective club in 4 areas. I, along with 4 area directors, would like to make effort to get these clubs to be more attractive and to increase their membership.

    Our slogan is “Growing together!”.

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