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2016-2017 2nd District 76 Council Meeting

 Sumiko Futana
District 76 Director
Here is important information about District 76 Council meeting.

Meeting  2016-2017  2nd District 76  Council Meeting (DCM)
Date&Time  14:00 - 17:30, Saturday, May 6, 2017
Venue  The Main Hall, National Olympics Memorial Youth Center Arts Building Large Hall, Tokyo

The District Council makes all of the final decisions for the District. The District Council is made up of all Club Presidents and Club VPE’s in the District. The District Council also includes the Executive Committee.
If you are a Club President or a Vice President Education and you are unable to attend DCM, you may designate, in writing, any active individual member of your club to act as your proxy.
I wish you make every effort to attend this important meeting.

Agenda and standing rules

Agenda of the District Council Meeting and Standing rules. This PDF contains both English and Japanese.
2017-3-18 first revision
2017-3-25 fix years of fall conference and spring conference
2017-4-5 Add Minutes of the 2016-2017 District Council Meeting (DCM) #1

An Overview of District Council Meeting

Overview of DCM

Overview of DCM(237.4KB)

Overview of DCM and its parliamentary procedure/rules of order.

For Clubs : District 76 Club Officer Credential & Proxy

Please download the necessary form and bring it to the credential desk.

If you attend the DCM

At the District Council Meeting, each Club President and Vice President Education in attendance is entitled to one vote with the submission of this form as his or her Credential.

If you don't attend the DCM

Club President and Vice President Education of each member club in attendance at the District Council Meeting are individually entitled to one vote with his/her Credential.  In case s/he cannot attend the meeting, s/he may designate any other active member of his/her club as his/her proxy by filling out the Proxy Form below and submitting it via the member so designated.

For District Officers : District 76 EC Member Credential

Each member of the District Executive Committee is entitled to one vote at the District Council Meeting with the submission of this form as his or her Credential. 

Simplified Chart: Attending the District Council Meeting

Click the PDF icon to download, and learn yourself the process.

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