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Letter from District 76, July 2017

 Kyoko Kitamura
District 76 Director



■  District Goal 2017-2018/ 2017年-2018年ディストリクトの目標

■  Club Officer Training #1/ 第1回クラブ役員研修

■  Call for Pathways Guide/ パスウェイズガイド

■  Asking from Public Relations Team/広報宣伝チームからのお願い

■  Reports of District Executive Committee Meeting #1/ 第1回ディストリクト執行役員会議報告

■  Request to assign your club proxy holder of Annual Business Meeting/年次総会におけるクラブ委任状提出のお願い

■  Announcements of upcoming online-seminars/オンラインセミナーのご案内

■  Announcements of recorded online-seminars/オンラインセミナー録画版公開のご案内

■  Introduction of new clubs /新クラブのご紹介


■  District Goal 2017-2018/ 2017年-2018年ディストリクトの目標

 “+5 members!”

   We would like to encourage all clubs to attempt to add 5 members in this Toastmasters year.

 Previous two years, we have encouraged and emphasized the importance of club membership to create quality meetings. We have explained that we can keep quality meetings if the clubs have 30 or more members. We are sure that many of clubs have attempted to realize 30 or more members. However, once analyzed the data of membership in District 76, the percentage of clubs which have 30 or more members remained flat; almost 30 % (please look at the Figure 1). We know that there are variety of clubs such as having large number of members or having small number of members. Therefore, we would like to set more effective and realistic goal this year as “+5 members!”.

 If we realized this goals in all clubs, we can changed the percentage that almost half of clubs in District 76 have 30 or more members (please look at the Figure 2).   Even if the small number of members clubs, they would be accomplished to challenge to the Distinguished Club Programs. Those mean we have activate more and more with having quality club meetings.

 To encourage this goal, we are going to concrete measures; hold more frequent online seminars to create quality club meetings which make more Moments of Truth   for the guests, and accelerate public relations to call in many guests. Also, we are going to support small number of members clubs.

 As all of you know, we are going to start new education program Pathways, in this term. Before such big changes, we are sure that keeping basic strength is the most important. And our basic strength means, of course, members. It must lead further developments of our organization. We believe that this goal is applicable for your club.









Figure 1


Figure 2


■  Club Officer Training #1/ 第1回クラブ役員研修

 The first Club Officers Trainings (COT#1) have been held in six Divisions and the three more are planed next month. The each training is planed under the following concepts. "Learn in Enjoyment", “Expand Our Network” and "Encourage First-timers". Each Division chose programs from “Leading a Club to Success”, “Creating a Quality Club” and “Building a Healthy Team”. We held trainers’ trainings for all programs to help each presenter in advance. We also hold two special sessions “Resources” and “Pathways”, which are presented by District senior officers and Pathways Ambassadors.

 *Please give your feedback upon you participated to the COT#1 through the link. (Excluding those who participated in Division E COT#1.)


  第一回クラブ役員研修会(COT#1)は6つのディビジョンで行われ、さらに3つが次の月に行われます。各研修は、以下のコンセプトのもとで計画されています。「楽しく学ぶ」、「仲間を増やす」、「ファーストタイマーをサポートする」などです。各ディビジョンは“Leading a Club to Success”, “Creating a Quality Club” and “Building a Healthy Team”からプログラムを選びました。ディストリクトで各トレーナーの事前支援のために、すべてのプログラムで説明会を開催しました。またシニア役員とPathways Ambassadorsが提供する「Resource」と「Pathways」の2つの特別セッションも合わせて開催しています。



■  Call for Pathways Guide/ パスウェイズガイド募集

 In order to support clubs to launch Pathways, we will call for volunteers who are called Pathways Guides. Please look at the Job Description and Criteria. Please apply from the Application Form below if you like.


 パスウェイズのクラブへの導入を支援するため、パスウェイズガイドと呼ばれるボランティアを募集します。仕事の説明と選考基準をご覧ください。ご希望される方は、以下のApplication Formからお申込みください。


■  Asking from Public Relations Team/広報宣伝チームからのお願い

 Please check to see if clubs/meetings information shown on District76 website are accurate. If changes are necessary, please let us know to that effect via “Contact” on the website.




■  Reports of District Executive Committee Meeting #1/ 第1回ディストリクト執行役員会議報告

  The first District Executive Committee (DEC) meeting was held on June 25, 2017. We agreed the district procedures 2017-2018.

●  District Procedures 2017-2018

   Accompanied by Toastmaster International decision of discontinuing fall conference from 2018, we agreed to form the following two special committees.

●  Committee to consider District Council Meeting #1

●  Committee to consider Fall Speech Contests



●  ディストリクト運営規則(2017-2018版)


●  第1回ディストリクト評議会についての検討委員会

●  秋のスピーチコンテストについての検討委員会


■  Request to assign your club proxy holder of Annual Business Meeting/年次総会におけるクラブ委任状提出のお願い

 Toastmasters International Annual Business Meeting will be held on August 26, 2017 at Toastmasters International Convention in Vancouver. All clubs have voting rights. Please attend the meeting in Vancouver or assign your club proxy holder.

 The procedure how to assign your club proxy holder is following URL.

 The proposals are available to see at the following URLs.

 (In English)

 (In Japanese)








■  Announcements of upcoming online-seminars/オンラインセミナーのご案内

●   August 20th (Sun) 7:00am – 8:00am ※ The schedule has been changed.

 Title: “Zero to Hero: Getting the Knack of Tall Tales” (English session)

Workshop Trainer:  Matthew Ownby, DTM



●   August 27th (Sun) 7:00am – 8:00am

 Title: “初めてのコンテストチェア” (Japanese session)


●   8月20日(日)朝7時– 8時   ※  日程が変更になりました。

タイトル:“Zero to Hero: Getting the Knack of Tall Tales” (英語)

トレーナー: Matthew Ownby, DTM



●   8月27日(日)朝7時– 8時

タイトル:“初めてのコンテストチェア” (日本語)


■  Announcements of recorded online-seminars/オンラインセミナー録画版公開のご案内

●   July 27th (Sun) 7:00am – 8:00am

 Title: “Getting Comfortable with General Evaluations” (English session)

Workshop Trainer:  Matthew Ownby, DTM



●   7月27日(日)朝7時– 8時

タイトル:“Getting Comfortable with General Evaluations” (英語)

トレーナー: Matthew Ownby, DTM



■  Introduction of new clubs /新クラブのご紹介

●  Tokyo Rainbow Toastmasters Club/東京レインボートーストマスターズクラブ(Charter 2017/6/26)





日時:第1,3土曜日 18:00-20:00





●  Mie Toastmasters Club/三重トーストマスターズクラブ(Charter 2017/6/14)






  (クラブメンター:兼子 智さんご紹介)






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