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WOW! - District 76 "Good News", February Issue

 Kiminari Azuma, DTM
District 76 Director
In our district 76, there are many members, clubs or groups who did a fantastic job, who made impossible possible, who inspired people. They deserve "Wow" recognitions!
Every month you will receive this newsletter with full of Wow stories.

Only one single but smashing WOW in this month.

Secret of membership growth - from 10 to 28 : Shibuya Toastmasters Club Stories

Secret of membership growth - from 10 to 28 : Shibuya Toastmasters Club Stories

 Paul Malone, ACS/CL
Shibuya Toastmasters Club
Shibuya TMC growth

Shibuya TMC growth

What’s the secret of membership growth? Is there some secret spell, some mysterious combination of incantations that can guarantee an increase in membership?

The simple, and as it turns out, the very convenient truth is that great minds have already answered this question. The great mind in question is not mine, but Toastmaster Lance Miller’s, renowned public speaker and 2005 Toastmaster World Champion of Public speaking.

In his book ‘How to Promote and Market Your Club,’ Lance Miller has presented a list of very effective ways to attract members to your club.

Shibuya TMC experienced a meteoric growth in membership from 2013 to 2016, from approximately 10 members to around 28 members.

How was this done?

First, you have to have a supportive group of officers, who are all committed to increasing membership. And second, simply follow the rules that Lance Miller has laid out.

Here are some of the most effective tips:

1. Create a Dynamic Club

Here all I am saying this that you want to have new members! If you do, then DO Toastmasters!! I have been to so many clubs that do not use the Toastmasters program.

If you can, invite Toastmasters members from other clubs to take speaking or evaluation roles. Your guests will be very impressed. Also, empower members to take action and do everything you can to secure a great venue.

2. Promote Your Club

Advertise your meeting on the TMC Facebook Group page. Make sure your website, Meetup site, Facebook page, and all other social media are up-to-date. It is very important that your contact information is correct.

It is surprising how many requests from interested first-time visitors go unanswered. Host workshops on basic speaking and presentation skills, and other special events – invite all members from D76. Post flyers for these workshops in places that business people can see them

3. Plan

Your entire EC, not just the VPM, should have a membership plan. All officers should know about the club’s social media sites, how much the membership fees are and know who has applications.

Also, all officers MUST KNOW that they are responsible for talking to guests before, during and after a meeting. If there is any other campaign, ALL officers should know about it in detail.

This plan should be passed on to every successive EC, without interruption. However it should be perfected and streamlined constantly.

4. Stay in Touch with Guests.

It is vitally important that you stay in touch with guests. Get their email address. Put them on a mailing list, where they have the ability to unsubscribe. Keep them up-to-date on all club events. Always!

Sometimes, it takes a year to convince people that Toastmasters is right for them. How did Shibuya turn itself around?

We followed these four rules. I can attest to how well these tips work!
Please try them, and if you have any other effective tips, please let all of us know.

What happened at Shibuya has been wonderful, rewarding and so personally gratifying! And, it can happen in your club too!! Trust in Toastmasters and the system will work for you!

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