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Information from District Executive Officers

Breaking News! 67 clubs are Distinguished Club

Kazuko Kawauchi, DTM
District76 Lt.Governor Education and Training, 2011-2012
I am very happy to send you this note informing you that our district surpassed all 3 goals of communication and leadership fields last term as follows. I appreciate your kind cooperation and efforts to make these excellent results for the last 12 months. These are record-breaking outcomes in our district history. Together with other district goals such as the number of members and clubs, the combined results have made us top 6% of all 86 districts in the world as of today. Just amazing!

As the result, 67 clubs (as of June 29) out of 127 clubs including newly chartered ones, namely, 52.76% of the total clubs achieved a Distinguished Club or above award. Eight clubs achieved DCP’s full 10 points.

TI usually posts the final numbers around July 20, because there are still a lot of award applications sent by post to TI from many districts and TI needs to record them manually and it takes time. I hope our district will be recognized as one of excellent achievers when all districts’records are finalized later, so that we can show the world our resilient spirit that we worked hard even after the devastating earthquake and Tsunami in March last year and the aftermath which affected our club activities including no air conditioning service on scorching hot days in summer and on extremely cold days in winter in Kanto and Tohoku areas. I hope we will be able to send some messages to fellow Toastmasters in the world by being recognized that we can accomplish any under any circumstances.
President’s Distinguished Clubs
The following 20 clubs achieved a President’s Distinguished Club Award this term. Above all, 8 clubs achieved full DCP 10 points.  Splendid! Please give these clubs and members a round of applause.
Select Distinguished Clubs
The following 23 clubs achieved a Selective Distinguished Club Award this term. Please give these clubs and members a round of applause.
Distinguished Clubs
The following 24 clubs achieved a Distinguished Club Award this term. Please give these clubs and members a round of applause. 
Let’s regularly attend our club’s meetings and mutually help each other this term again! Let’s also endeavor to achieve our personal goals and dreams by achieving a competent and advanced communicator and leadership awards. Why don’t we make this new term a much better one and congratulate each other again this time next July? 

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