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"The Secret Recipe for Success" - DTM Deepak Menon

The District 82 won the No. 1 District position in the Distinguished District Programs worldwide last 4 years.  One of the leaders who spearheaded this fantastic achievement is the current Region 13 Advisor Deepak Menon, DTM.

He visit us in Japan in early February and gave us this opportunity to listen to him about how the District 82 achieved such fantastic results.  

The secret he revealed was simple in that they utilized the existing Toastmasters modules and yet the solutions were interesting enough to include how innovatively they utilized those modules available to all Toastmasters worldwide.

 (Recorded at Ikegami-Kaikan, Ota-Ku, Tokyo on February 4, 2012)

Opening (17:21)

Success Communication Program (11'15")

Success Leadership Program (23:11)

Youth Leadership program & Youth Communication Program (21:08)

Speech Craft Program (43:48)

Q & A session and Closing (17:28)

Powerpoint slides

 Click HERE to download the Powerpoint file.


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