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District 76 便り 2017年 9月号

 2017-2018 ディストリクト76ディレクター
北村 恭子

Letter from District 76, September

District 76 便り 9月号



■  Massage from Club Growth Director/クラブ担当ディレクターからのメッセージ

■ 【Important deadline is approaching】Reminder about club due/クラブ会費納入について

■  Registration will be started Soon! Fall Conference/まもなく秋季大会申し込み開始!

■  Recruit Pathways Guide/ パスウェイズガイド募集

■  Announcement of upcoming online-seminars/オンラインセミナーのご案内

■  Announcement of recorded online-seminars/オンラインセミナー録画版公開のご案内

■  Introduction of new clubs /新クラブのご紹介



■  Massage from Club Growth Director/クラブ担当ディレクターからのメッセージ


Summer heat has gone and now we are in Fall, which is a good season to enjoy reading, art, tasty food, and especially for us, Toastmasters, speech contests! Now many Toastmasters are competing in Area Contests. Joining speech contests motivates us to learn advanced speech skills. And most of all, it is fun.


Under the current rules, the members of the chartered clubs can join the contests, while the members of the prospective clubs can’t. There are some prospective clubs whose members have been striving to get chartered in order to join Area contests. Fortunately, some of them have succeeded.


Do you know how many prospective clubs are in District 76 ? There is a list in the link below;.



Chartering clubs can be done only by team, not by yourself. It is a great opportunity to learn leadership and other skills. Also, when your club is successfully chartered , you can feel a huge sense of achievement.


From October, we are going to hold online seminars about examples of club building and workshops about learning speech craft, which are related to establishing new clubs. I hope these opportunities will encourage you to support prospective clubs and/or build brand new clubs in your region.

















■  【Important deadline is approaching】Reminder about club due/クラブ会費納入について

This announcement is a reminder about the club dues that should be transferred to Toastmasters International.


The club dues are required to be paid by October 1st. As of 16 Sep, the club due renewal is completed only by 59% clubs in total. We are afraid that connecting problems to the site will occur due to network congestion when the deadline is approaching. We advise the club officers to submit the dues sooner.


Refer to the following page regarding the procedure of transferring.











■  Registration will be started Soon! Fall Conference/まもなく秋季大会申し込み開始!

Registration for Fall Conference will be available on September 30, 2017.



■  Recruit Pathways Guide/ パスウェイズガイド募集

You still have a chance to apply for Pathways Guide through the following link.


The Pathways Guide will:

●   Conduct club visits to raise awareness and build excitement

●   Educate club members about the program

●   Support vice presidents of education by scheduling regular virtual support sessions.

Once you apply for the Pathways Guide, you will be a candidate and District will send TMI your name and other information. If TMI accept the candidates as Pathways Guide, Program Quality Director will let them know by around end of October.




●  クラブを訪問して、Pathwaysに対する意識を高めます。

●   プログラムについてクラブ会員のみなさんと知識を共有します

●  定期的なオンラインセッションを行って、VPEを支援します

Pathways Guideを申し込むと候補者となります。ディストリクトはTMIにあなたの名前やその他の情報を送付します。TMIが候補者をパスウェイガイドとして受け入れる場合、プログラムクオリティディレクターが10月末ごろにお知らせします。


■  Announcements of upcoming online-seminars/オンラインセミナーのご案内


●   October 8th (Sun) 7:00am – 8:00am

タイトル:総合論評をもっと楽に(Japanese session)

インストラクター:Matthew Ownby, DTM

申し込み https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/220533830851311617


対象者: 総合論評が初めての方 総合論評が苦手な方 総合論評を次のレベルに引き上げたい方

このセミナーで学べること: 1.例会に向けて効果的な準備 2.頭が真っ白になっても論評者に良いフィードバックを与える方法 3.他の役割(ヘルパー、テーブルトピックマスターなど)へのコメントのしかた

セミナーの流れ: 1.総合論評が重要な理由 2.例会前の準備方法 3.例会中に総合論評を準備する方法 4.時間の制約のある中でまとめる方法 5. Q&A


●   October 22nd (Sun) 7:00am – 8:00am

タイトル:クラブ立ち上げを成功させるために 事例紹介(Japanese session)



トレーナー:矢田さん(Division E Director, 2016-2017)





■  Announcement of recorded online-seminars/オンラインセミナー録画版公開のご案内

9/10 (Sun) “Pathways” (Japanese) / 「パスウェイズ」(日本語)



■  Introduction of new clubs /新クラブのご紹介

Yokohama Hiyoshi Toastmasters Club/横浜日吉トーストマスターズクラブ(Charter 2017/9/7)


<Welcome to Yokohama Hiyoshi TMC!  We are a new club in the academic Hiyoshi area , where Keio University is located!>

 Hiyoshi is an academic town. Thanks to Keio University, many academic gatherings and international matches of various sports are held so often. Yokohama Hiyoshi TMC is a community club based in this atmosphere, and is open to everybody here in town.




■ Information about the regular meetings of Yokohama Hiyoshi TMC■

Day: Every 2nd, 4th, 5th Monday

Time: 19:00 to 21:00

Venue: 7th Floor Meeting Room, Collaboration Complex, Keio University (Please note we meet at Okurayama Memorial Hall on 5th Monday)

Language: bilingual (English and Japanese)

(Club sponsor : Tomohide Oshima )


日時:第2、4、5月曜日 19:00-21:00










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